Time to play

Neisha's Niche is a free-play setting. Children whose early experience is focused on play show significant success later in their lives. The emotional well being of young children underpins all development and must be the first and foremost of what adults provide. Close, warm and consistent relationships with the same care givers who are responsive to the child's needs and signals are paramount. (Ref; How children learn by Nancy Stewart). I believe the above is best acheived in a home setting. With fewer children and flexible routines children get time to play.

Home from home

Home- learning is a more flexible and developmentally appropriate model for very young children than the more structured nursery programme.

Very young children can learn so much by being involved in simple domestic routines.. Having fewer children gives me and the children time to relish in everyday activities. To learn from them and do them again. Sometimes the best choice for learning is "lets do it again".

Getting out

One the the biggest and most important things for me and the children is that we go out everyday. Not just limited to the outside area, we actually leave the building! Mainly in the buggy to libraries, groups, parks and other places in the local community.

Needless to say the learning that takes place is endless. People, traffic, noises, animals, nature to name just a few of the things that can only be seen when out and about.


Home from home

Children learn to become independent through life experiences. Just like home they are involved with meal preparation and care routines. Children also go out most days to nearby interesting places.